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The price of the digital currency has soared, but experts say you should be wary. Aaron Levie speaks with Carleton English about new ways that Box Shield can enable stronger protection of data within the cloud. Aaron Levie has a message for Washington following big tech’s congressional hearing. Plus

The 17-year-old accused of orchestrating the Twitter hack earlier this month that hijacked the accounts of the world’s rich and powerful is a Bitcoin multimillionaire, according to his lawyer. A judge set Graham Clark’s bail at $725,000 Saturday as he awaits trial on 30 criminal counts for the July

For those investors feeling skeptical about Bitcoin, shorting the cryptocurrency is a possibility. For those investors who believe that bitcoin is likely to crash at some point in the future, shorting the currency might be a good option. Here are some ways that you can go about doing that. One of th

Free bitcoins — they sound too good to be true, but are they? We did some research to find out if you can get free bitcoins, how many, and how hard they are to come by. Finance Technology Explained Bitcoins are a marvelous invention. Most of us turned a violent shade of green when their price rocke

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology to allow instant payments. Learn what it is and how it works before buying or investing. Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that uses peer-to-peer technology for instant payments between people or businesses. It can b

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Rise or fall, people just can’t stop talking about Bitcoin. Let’s be clear: We’re not recommending you purchase Bitcoin. But, if you have your heart set on it, here’s how to do it easily—without getting scammed. Join 250,000 subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature ar